Catalytic application of an organosuperbase denderon grafted on mesoporous SBA-15 and related palladium complex in the aerobic oxidation of alcohols

دوره 2، Issue 1, pp. 1-81, Serial No. 2، بهار 2014، صفحه 27-33
Hojat Veisi؛ Davood Kordestani؛ Sami Sajjadifar؛ Mona Hamelian


Electron as potential and green catalyst in the multicomponent synthesis of pyrano [2, 3-d] pyrimidine derivatives

دوره 5، Issue 2, pp. 121-236, Serial No. 15، تابستان 2017، صفحه 217-226
Hojat Veisi؛ Abbas Maleki؛ Yasaman Farokhzad


Hantzsch reaction using [Mesi]Cl as a new, efficient and BAIL catalyst

دوره 1، Issue 1, pp. 1-82, Serial No.1، زمستان 2013، صفحه 7-24
Sami Sajjadifar؛ Hamid Saeidian؛ Sayeh Zare؛ Hojat Veisi؛ Sobahn Rezayati

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