Efficient procedure for the synthesis of quinoline derivatives by NbCl5.PEG and NbCl5 in glycerol as green solvent

دوره 3، Issue 4, pp. 283-387, Serial No. 9، زمستان 2015، صفحه 335-347
Batol Zakerinasab؛ Mohammad Ali Nasseri؛ Fateme Kamali


Mn(II) salen complex immobilized on nano silicagel as a recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for oxidation of alcohols to their corresponding carbonyl compounds

دوره 4، Issue 3, pp. 236-358, Serial No. 12، پاییز 2016، صفحه 283-294
Mohammad Ali Nasseri؛ Batol Zakerinasab؛ Sayyde Kamayestani


Sulfamic acid supported on cellulose as a biodegradable and recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of tetrahydrobenzo xanthene derivatives

دوره 4، Issue 2, pp. 133-235, Serial No. 11، تابستان 2016، صفحه 214-225
Batol Zakerinasab؛ Mohammad Ali Nasseri؛ Hassan Hassani

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