A comparative study of catalytic properties of ZnO and FeZnO nanoparticles on Oxidation of Benzylic alcohols: Influence of doped metal

دوره 3، Issue 3, pp. 180-282,Serial No. 8، پاییز 2015، صفحه 199-207
Hamid Reza Mardani Kiasari؛ Mehdi Forouzani؛ Mitra Ziari؛ Azim Malekzadeh؛ Pouria Biparva


Co(III)@Fe3O4@SiO2 salen complex as a highly selective and recoverable magnetic nanocatalyst for the oxidation of sulfides and benzylic alcohols

دوره 7، Issue 2, pp. 125-241, Serial No. 23، تابستان 2019، صفحه 153-169
Ali Allahresani؛ Mohammad ali Nasseri؛ Alireza Nakhaei1 Nakhaei؛ Saeid Aghajani

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