Theoretical evaluation of medicinal properties for some of N-aryl-3-hydroxypyridine-4-ones derivative compounds

صفحه 82-92
Mohsen Oftadeh؛ Lotfollah Saghaie؛ Shahla Pirialam


Fabrication of new carbon paste electrodes based on gold nano-particles self-assembled to mercapto compounds as suitable ionophores for potentiometric determination of Copper ions

صفحه 93-105
Rasoul Pourtaghavi Talemi؛ Sajjad Bakhtiari؛ Nabi Javadi؛ Morteza Vatanparast


Investigation of quality of storage dam ilam, identify of pollutant resources and pollutants attitude

صفحه 106-118
Moayed Avazpour؛ Sabah Shiri؛ Fariba Seifipour؛ Heshmatollah Nourmoradi


Trace determination and separation of tin (II) by floatation-spectrophotometric using kalmagyte and CTAB

صفحه 119-128
Sabah Shiri؛ Moayd Avazpour؛ Ali Delpisheh؛ Maryam Loeimyd


Synthesis and characterization of novel silyl derivatives of curcumin

صفحه 129-136
Mehdi Nabati؛ Mehrdad Mahkam


The SAMP-/RAMP -hydrazone methodology in asymmetric synthesis of 4S-ferrugineone and 4S, 5S-ferrugineol: The pheromones of palm weevils

صفحه 137-146
Hamid Saeidian؛ Dieter Enders؛ Zohreh Mirjafary


pKa predictions of some aniline derivatives by ab initio calculations

صفحه 147-156
Reza Behjatmanesh؛ Negin Safaeian


Efficient classical synthesis of aminoazines under microwave irradiation

صفحه 157-163
Seyed Mohammad Vahdat؛ Abbas Mohammadzadeh؛ Esmaiel Derafshian؛ Somaieh Akhoondi

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