Isolation and characterization of curcumin from powdered rhizomes of turmeric plant marketed in Maragheh city of Iran with soxhlet technique

صفحه 236-243
Mehdi Nabati؛ Mehrdad Mahkam؛ Hassan Heidari


DFT study of dimers of dimethyl sulfoxide in gas phase

صفحه 244-254
Reza Fazaeli؛ Mohammad Solimannejad


Simple spectrophotometric methods for quantification of modafinil using 1,2-naphthoquinone-4-sulphonate and 2,4-dinitrophenol as analytical reagents

صفحه 255-268
Burla Sunitha Seshamamba؛ Peruri Veera Satyanarayana؛ Chandra Sekharan


Synthesis and characterization of supramolecule self-assembly polyamidoamine (PAMAM) G1-G1 NH2, CO2H end group Megamer

صفحه 269-276
Omid Louie؛ Abdoulhossien Massoudi؛ Samaneh Maghsoodi


Isolation and structure elucidation of coumarin and cinamate derivatives from Lycium ruthenicum

صفحه 277-282
Hassan Valizadeh؛ Fatemeh Mahmoodi Kordi؛ Reza Koohkan؛ Mir Babak Bahadori؛ Mehdi Moridi Farimani


QSRR models of veterinary drugs in milk in ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled to time of flight mass spectrometry

صفحه 283-299
Hadi Noorizadeh؛ Sharmin Esmaeilpoor؛ Zohreh Moghadam؛ Shahnaz Nosratolahy


Pharmacological properties of some 3-substituted indole derivatives, a concise overview

صفحه 300-315
Kobra Nikoofar؛ Diba Kadivar؛ Samaneh Shirzadnia


Characterization of intermolecular interaction between Cl2 and HX (X=F, Cl and Br): An ab initio, DFT, NBO and AIM study

صفحه 316-325
Morteza Vatanparast؛ Nabi Javadi؛ Rasoul Pourtaghavi Talemi؛ Elahe Parvini

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