Physico-chemical features of Aqueous extract of acanthophyllum laxiusculum roots from natural steppe habitats of Iran: Evaluating surface activity and thermal behavior of partially purified extract

صفحه 236-244
Hajar Soltaninejad؛ Zahra Madadi؛ Tayebe Bagheri Lotfabad؛ Atefeh Pirani؛ Negissa Ebadipour


A green and eco-friendly method for the synthesis of xanthene derivatives using cellulose sulfuric acid under solvent-free conditions

صفحه 245-255
Seyyedeh Cobra Azimi؛ Esmayeel Abbaspour-Gilandeh


Application of carbon ceramic modified electrode with prussian blue for electrocatalytic oxidation of nitrite ion

صفحه 256-264
Sohrab Ershad؛ Noshin Safarzadeh؛ Hamzeh Akhondi-Yamchi


Solid state synthesis of NiO nanoparticles from [(1,2-bis(2-formyl-3-methoxyphenyl)propane)nickel(II)] chloride

صفحه 265-272
Aliakbar Dehno Khalaji؛ Fatemeh Gharib


An efficient solvent-free synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-octahydroxanthenes by using Fe2(SO4)3.7H2O as catalyst

صفحه 273-282
Reyhaneh Khoeiniha؛ Ali Ezabadi؛ Abolfazl Olyaei


Mn(II) salen complex immobilized on nano silicagel as a recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for oxidation of alcohols to their corresponding carbonyl compounds

صفحه 283-294
Mohammad Ali Nasseri؛ Batol Zakerinasab؛ Sayyde Kamayestani


(Carboxy-3-oxopropylamino)-3-propylsilylcellulose as a novel organocatalyst for the synthesis of coumarin derivatives under solvent-free conditions

صفحه 295-308
Mehri Salimi


Oxidative aromatization of some 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives using NaBrO3

صفحه 309-317
Masoomeh Abdoli-Senejani؛ Nilufar Foruzan؛ Mahnaz Bahmani؛ Tahereh Momeni Isfahani؛ Saba Dustepour


QSAR studies and application of genetic algorithm - multiple linear regressions in prediction of novel p2x7 receptor antagonists’ activity

صفحه 318-336
Alireza Banaei؛ Eslam Pourbasheer؛ Fatemeh Haggi


An efficient green synthesis of highly substituted imidazoles catalyzed by Al-MCM-41 nanoreactors

صفحه 337-346
Abolfazl Olyaei؛ Zohreh Derikvand؛ Fatemeh Noruzian؛ Mahdieh Sadeghpour


Surfactant-assisted synthesis of barium hexaferrite nanoparticles by hydrothermal method

صفحه 347-358
Kamellia Nejati؛ Shabnam Alizade؛ Sara Samuey؛ Zolfaghar Rezvani

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