Essential oil composition of Cleome heratensis (Capparaceae) at different growing stages

صفحه 364-371
Mohammad Ali Nasseri؛ Soheila Behravesh؛ Ali Allahresani


A theoretical study on quadrupole coupling parameters of HRPII Protein modeled as 310-helix & α-helix structures

صفحه 372-380
Fatemeh Elmi؛ Nasser Hadipour


Ultrasound assisted dichlorocarbene addition to 1,3-bis(allyloxy)-5-methylbenzene under biphasic condition: A kinetic study

صفحه 381-396
Venugopal Rajendran؛ Varathan Selvaraj؛ Kuppusamy Harikumar


Determination of trace amounts of chromium ions in water and food samples using ligand-less solid phase extraction-based modified nano-boehmite(AlOOH)

صفحه 397-406
Mohammad Rezaiati؛ Farhad Salimi؛ Changiz Karami


One-pot, organocatalytic synthesis of spirooxindoles using citric acid in aqueous media

صفحه 407-416
Zahed Karimi-Jaberi؛ Abdolhossein Fereydoonnezhad


Kinetics of photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by ZnO-bentonite nanocomposite

صفحه 417-428
Sandip P. Patil؛ Vilas K. Mahajan؛ Gunvant H. Sonawane؛ Vinod S. Shrivastava


Green synthesis of nano size CoFe2O4 using Chenopodium album leaf extract for photo degradation of organic pollutants

صفحه 429-435
Fatemeh Mostaghni؛ Ali Daneshvar؛ Majid Sakhaie


Green and efficient synthesis of functionalized 3-amino-2-oxofuranes using trityl chloride

صفحه 436-441
Seyed Sajad Sajadikhah؛ Mahboubeh Zarei


Cu(II)-Schiff base/SBA-15 as an efficient catalyst for synthesis of chromeno [4′,3′-b]pyrano[6,5-b]quinoline derivatives

صفحه 442-448
Radineh Motamedi؛ Ghasem Rezanejade Bardajee؛ Somaye Shakeri


Synthesis, spectroscopic (NMR and FT-IR) and theoretical (HF and DFT) investigation of dimethyl (Z)-2-[(2-methyl-5-oxo-1-cyclopentyl)oxy]-2-butendioate

صفحه 449-470
Ali Ramazani؛ Masoome Sheikhi Sheikhi؛ Ali Souldozi؛ Sang Woo Joo؛ Hooriye Yahyaei


Silica bonded n-propyl-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine as a basic catalyst for synthesis of arylmethylenemalononitrile and pyran annulated heterocyclic compounds

صفحه 471-483
Jamal Davarpanah؛ Afzal Zafarpour؛ Behrooz Tayebi


Fe3O4@SiO2-SO3H as a recyclable heterogeneous nanomagnetic catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of substituted quinolines via Friedländer heteroannulation under solvent-free conditions

صفحه 484-493
Monire Beyki؛ Mehdi Fallah-Mehrjardi

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