Representation of Crises in Coursebooks of the Public Education System: A Study Based on Content Analysis

صفحه 9-24
سید علی قادری؛ بهروز مهرام؛ محسن نوغانی دخت بهمنی؛ محمود سعیدی رضوانی؛ مرتضی کرمی


The mediating role of the Green Information Technology (GIT) Acceptance in the relationship between Green University and Sustainable Development of the Environment

صفحه 25-44
سیما علی پور؛ اردلان فیلی؛ عباس ثابت


Role of Environmental Education in the Climate Resilience of People Exposed to Environmental Asylum from the Point of View of International Law

صفحه 45-68
حسین آل کجباف؛ مسعود خدیمی؛ عسکر جلالیان؛ محمدیار ارشدی


The Relationship between Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development from the Social Experts’ Points of View

صفحه 69-82
امیر فروهرفر؛ سید علیقلی روشن؛ حبیب الله سالارزهی


Designing a model for children education through TV with a cognitive approach for environmental education

صفحه 83-102
سید مهدی شریفی؛ سهیلا بورقانی فراهانی؛ طاهر روشندل اربطانی؛ محمد صادق دهنادی


The relationship between Psychological Empowerment and Intrinsic Motivation with Environmental Behavior of Tehran Students (District 2)

صفحه 103-116
سید مهدی حسینی طباطبایی؛ سحر حسینی‌خواه


Relationship between Air Pollutants and Mortality from Cardiorespiratory Diseases in Mashhad: A Step Towards Increasing Citizens’ Awareness of Adverse Effects of Pollutants

صفحه 117-126
علی اکبر ملکی؛ فهیمه تنجاه؛ غلامحسن واعظی


Assessment of Overall Resilience Index of Urban Areas against Earthquake considering Intra- and Interdependencies between Different Sectors

صفحه 127-144
بابک امیدوار؛ محمد صادق توکلی ثانی


Assessing the role of self efficacy and social tendencies in green purchase intention and behaviour

صفحه 145-162
مجید احمدی؛ الهام فریدچهر؛ محمد احمدی

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