Determination of Rhodium in Water Samples Using Ion Liquid Based on Ultrasonic Assisted Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction Coupled with Spectrophotometric Technique

صفحه 1-12
Alaa S. Amin؛ Ahmed Alharbi


Application of Box-Behnken Design in the Optimization of a Pipette Tip Solid Phase Extraction Using Modified Carbon Nanotubes for Spectrophotometric Determination of Malachite Green in Chabahar Bay Seawaters

صفحه 13-23
Sayyed Hossein Hashemi؛ Massoud Kaykhaii؛ Ahmad Jamali Keikha؛ Enayat Saberi


Simultaneous Spectrophotometric Determination of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Salting-Out Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction Coupled with Doolittle Multivariate Calibration Algorithm

صفحه 24-32
Ahmadreza Amraei؛ Mohammad Hosseini؛ Rouhollah Heydari؛ Ali Niazi


On-line Coupling of Dynamic Headspace Extraction and Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Evaluating Oxidation in Sesame Oil

صفحه 33-38
S. Javad Aghili؛ Ali Sheibani؛ M. Reza Shishehbore


In Vivo Solid–Phase Microextraction: An Efficient Sample Preparation Method for Plant and Tissue Bioanalysis

صفحه 39-53
mehdi mossaddegh؛ Hanif Kazerooni


Evaluation of NP-MnFe2O4 as an Efficient Nanocatalyst for Air Cathode and 1-Octyl-3-methyl Imidazolium Hexafluorophosphate [Omim][PF6] as a Green Electrolyte in Rechargeable lithium-Air Battery

صفحه 54-62
Mehdi Hosseini؛ Mousa Soleymani؛ Hossein Dashti Khavidaki

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