Analyzing the Changes in Urban Green Space of Gorgan City-Iran During 1987–2014

Volume 14, Vol 2. (Series 31), September 2023, Pages 51-66
sara daz; Ata Gaffari Ghilandeh; Ali Azizi


Evaluation of Liveliness Dimensionsins in Urban Walkable Streets, Case Study: Esfris Walkable Street of Ardebil

Volume 13, Vol 1 , Series 25, April 2022, Pages 89-106
Ata Gaffari Ghilandeh; Chnour Mohammadi


Spatial Analysis of Dispersion of Educational Land Use in Ardebil Using GIS Spatial Data

Volume 11, Issue 21, September 2021, Pages 91-106
Reza Hashemi Masoomabad; Ata Gaffari Ghilandeh; Alireza Mohammadi

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