Design and Developed Novel and Ultrasensitive Chemosensor for Sequential Determination of Arginine and Glutathione Amino Acids

دوره 10، شماره 2، آذر 2023، صفحه 79-96
Hossein Tavalali؛ Abolfath Parhami؛ Mohammad Ali Karimi؛ Jamshid Askari


Dye-Based Acceptor as a Colorimetric Chemosensor for Determination of Dual Ions, Tin (II) and Citrate Ion in Aqueous/ Dimethyl Sulfoxide Media with Analytical Applications

دوره 7، شماره 2، آذر 2020، صفحه 75-84
Hossein Tavallali؛ Gohar Deilamy-Rad؛ Mohammad Ali Karimi؛ Elaheh Sharifi؛ Zahra Tavallali؛ Arshida Najafi-Nejad


Fast Removal of Reactive Red 141 and Reactive Yellow 81 From Aqueous Solution by Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles Modified With Ionic Liquid 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium Bromide

دوره 1، شماره 2، آذر 2014، صفحه 78-86
Sedigheh Kamran؛ Hossein Tavallali؛ Ali Azad


Novel Use of Congo Red and Alizarin Red S Dye Couple as Rapid and Selective Colorimetric Chemosensor for Naked Eye Detection and Determination of Carbonate in Aqueous Samples

دوره 9، شماره 2، آذر 2022، صفحه 92-103
Hossein Tavallali؛ Abolfath Parhami؛ Abbas Karimpour؛ Mohammad Ali Karimi


Speciation, Preconcentration and Determination of Iron in Legumes Sample Based on a Novel Magnetic Mixed Hemimicell Solid Phase Extraction Technique

دوره 1، شماره 2، آذر 2014، صفحه 87-96
Hossein Tavallali؛ Gohar Deilamy-Rad؛ Hoda Ansari

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