MgCaFe-layered double hydroxide (LDH) for congo red dye removal in aqueous solution

دوره 6، Issue 1, pp. 1-108, Serial No. 18، فروردین 2018، صفحه 39-48
Zeynab Soltani؛ Hossein Salavati؛ Maryam Movahedi؛ Zahra Sadeghi


Synthesis of ZnO/Bi2O3 and SnO2/Bi2O3/Bi2O4 mixed oxides and their photocatalytic activity

دوره 3، Issue 4, pp. 283-387, Serial No. 9، دی 2015، صفحه 374-387
Maryam Movahedi؛ Akram Hosseinian؛ Nasrin Nazempour؛ Mohadeseh Rahimi؛ Hossein Salavati


The zinc chromium ferrite magnetic nanoparticles ZnCrFeO4: An efficient catalyst for acetylation of alcohols, phenols and amines under solvent-free conditions

دوره 6، Issue 2, pp. 109-217, Serial No. 19، تیر 2018، صفحه 169-179
Nahid Rasouli؛ Maryam Movahedi؛ Elaheh Aghabeikzadeh Naeini


ZnFe2O4 nanoparticle: Synthesis and photocatalytic activity under UV-vis and visible light

دوره 3، Issue 2, pp. 72-147, Serial No. 7، تیر 2015، صفحه 137-142
Maryam Movahedi؛ Fahimeh Kazemi-Cheryani؛ Nahid Rasouli؛ Hossein Salavati

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