Analysis of The limits of the Authority of Supreme Leader with Emphasis on the Verses and Opinions of the Jurists

صفحه 9-20
Faezeh Azimzadeh


Epistemological and Psychological Explanation of Religious sceptic

صفحه 21-38
Morteza Barati


Critical Analysis of Fakhr-e Razi's Paraphrase, in Capacity Verses: Theological Explanation

صفحه 39-49
Ahad Faramarz Ghramaleki؛ Fahimeh SajediMehr


Manzelat Hadith in Comparing with the Status of Haron (as) in the Holy Qur'an

صفحه 51-58
Nahleh Qaravi Naeeni


Interpretation of Divine Actions, Through the Divine Names and Attributes

صفحه 59-74
Mahdi Izadi؛ Tahere ChiniForoushan؛ Amin Abbaspour


A Comparative Study on the Tricks and Strategies of the Enemies to Weaken the Foundations of the School of Islam

صفحه 75-84
AliAhmad Naseh؛ Javad Jamshidi HasanAbadi


Myth in the Holy Qur’an

صفحه 85-100
Jaafar NekooNam


Analysis and Critique of Orientalists' Approach to the Structure of Qur’anic Stories

صفحه 101-116
Nosrat Nilsaz؛ Sedigheh Maleklou


An Introduction to the Evolution of the Paradigm of the Comprehensiveness of the Qur'an in Relation to the Dominant Political Discourse in Iran after the Islamic Revolution

صفحه 117-127
Forogh Parsa


Examining the Interpretation Validity of Ayyashi Interpretive Hadiths

صفحه 129-138
Tohid Pashaei


Analysis and revision of the literary and cognitive metaphor in the language of religion based on Morteza Motahhari’s ideas

صفحه 139-149
Akram Rahimi؛ Mohamad Sadegh JamshidiRad


The Quotes and Narrations Regarding Absolving Sunni Caliphs in Shiite Documents and their Validation

صفحه 151-166
Elham ZarinKolah

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب