Psychological consequences of patients with coronavirus (COVID- 19): A Qualitative Study

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Mahnaz Aliakbari dehkordi؛ fatemeh eisazadeh؛ susan aghajanbigloo


Affectively Motivated: Affective Profiles, Motivation, Stress and Energy

صفحه 21-32
Danilo Garcia؛ Lillemor Adrianson؛ Clara Amato؛ Max Rapp-Ricciardi


Premature Termination of Psychotherapy in Outpatient Clinic Settings: Structural effects of Patients’ Expectations, Treatment Tolerance, Therapists’ Competencies and Therapeutic Alliance

صفحه 33-44
Isaac Rahimian Boogar؛ Somayeh safarzade؛ Siavash Talepasand


The role of anxiety sensitivity and attentional control in predicting the tendency toward addiction in youth

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rabeeh azarmehr؛ Ezatollah Ahmadi


Effects of quality of life therapy on the ability to cope with stressful situations, anxiety and irrational fears in electrical networks workers at risk of death.

صفحه 51-60
Zohreh Latifi؛ leyle abotalebi


The mediating role of depression in the relationship between immature ego defenses and perceived pain intensity in patients with chronic pain

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Marzieh Pahlevan؛ Mohammad Ali Besharat؛ Ahmad Borjali؛ Morteza Naghipoor


Social Anxiety and Emotion Control Strategies: Can Eating Disorder Symptoms be predicted?

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sajjad basharpoor؛ farima anbari؛ nastaran mohajeri aval


The effectiveness of CBT on methadone consumption and general health in Opium addicts

صفحه 81-88
hamid kamarzarin؛ ehsan golestani


The comparison of the motivation and personality risk profile in different substance use

صفحه 89-100
maryam mazloom؛ shahram mohammadkhani


The effect of Logotherapy group training on changes of depression, self-esteem and intimacy attitudes in physically disabled women

صفحه 101-112
Andisheh Golshan؛ Majid Zargham Hajebi؛ nasser sobhi gharamaleki


Predicting corona disease anxiety among medical staffs in Tehran based on Five Factor theory of personality

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Fatemeh Bayanfar


The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Group Therapy on Improving Metacognitive Beliefs in Preventing Relapse of Women Consuming Stimulants

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vahid sadeghi firoozabadi

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب