Dehydration of Nitrogen Gas Using Hierarchical Sodium P Zeolite as a Solid Desiccant

صفحه 1-8
Esmat Koohsaryan؛ Mansoor Anbia؛ Mohammad Sepehrian


Computational Prediction of Dobutamine Redox Potential: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation

صفحه 9-14
Reza Samimi؛ Reza Mortazavi؛ Simin Mansouri؛ Zohre Fathi؛ Foroozan Hasanpour


Electrochemical Behavior of Benzoxanthene Compound in Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode by Zinc Sulfide Particles Warped in CNT/RGO Nanosheets for Determination of Hydrazine

صفحه 15-24
Mohammad Mazloum-Ardakani؛ Fatemeh Jokar؛ Hamideh Mohammadian-Sarcheshmeh؛ Bi Bi Fatemeh Mirjalili؛ Sahar Saadat Hosseinikhah


A Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Study of 2, 4, 6-s-Triazine Derivatives as Antimalarial Agents

صفحه 25-31
Nosrat Madadi Mahani؛ Maryam Alibeigi


Evaluation of Langmuir and Freundlich Isotherms for Removal of Cephalexin and Tetracycline Antibiotics By Sistan Sand from Water and Wastewater Samples

صفحه 32-39
Massoud Kaykhaii؛ Sayedeh Samaneh Hasheminasab؛ Sayyed Hossein Hashemi؛ Mojtaba Sasani


Study on Electrochemical Behavior of Hydrazine at a Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Polymer Thin Films Embedded Copper Nanoparticles

صفحه 40-49
Ghasem Karim-Nezhad؛ Sara Pashazadeh؛ Samira Honarmand


Quantification of Hydrogen Peroxide in Milk Samples Based on Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Fe/Cu Layered Double Hydroxide and Fe3O4 Nanoparticles

صفحه 50-58
Arefeh Gorgij؛ Hamid Ahmar؛ Laleh Adlnasab


Adsorptive Removal of Reactive Blue 25 and Reactive Blue 49 Dyes from Aquatic Solutions Using Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

صفحه 59-68
Zahra Monsef Khoshhesab؛ Mohammadreza Mohammadi Pour Salehloo


Exploiting of Green Synthesized Doped Metal Oxide Nanosensor for Electrochemical Determination of Aspirin and Ibuprofen in Biological and Pharmaceutical Samples

صفحه 69-79
Fatemeh Moeinpour؛ Danial Moodi؛ Haleh Sarabi-Omoori؛ Zarrin Eshaghi


Hybridization of Phosphomolybdic Acid with Hexamine and Hexamine-Nickel for Improving of Activity in Photodegradation of Dyes Under Sunlight Irradiation

صفحه 80-89
Mehdi Taghdiri؛ Farzaneh Ghanei؛ Marzieh Ardakania؛ Hossein Banitaba؛ Hossein Aarabi Ardakani


Date Palm Pollen as a Promising Drug Delivery System: Release Kinetic Model and Antimicrobial Activity

صفحه 90-98
Mahdi Shahriarinour؛ Faten Divsar؛ Leila Youseftabar-Miri؛ Mohammad Banimahd Keivani


Ultrasound-Assisted Synthesis of P-Doped Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Efficient Photodegradation of Tartrazine

صفحه 99-106
Vida Haji Aghaei؛ Narges Ajami

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